Andrew Phillips
Membership Coordinator

Two words to describe me: Passionate and Determined

“I never lose. I either win or learn.” -Nelson Mandela

I love fitness because it trains both the mind and body allowing one to feel confident and capable of doing hard things while simultaneously allowing us to maintain and improve our ability to do the things we enjoy.  I enjoy playing guitar, reading, and training when I am not working on my own fitness.

A little about me:

Initially, maintaining and improving physical fitness just felt like the right thing to do. Very early on, however, I recognized improvements in my mental health, physical abilities, and even classroom performance. I fell in love with the feeling of improving both my mind and body. As this passion grew, I became unsure if my initial choice of college major was the right direction for me and ultimately decided to serve in the military to continue exploring both mind and body. The more I learned about myself, the human body, and how to properly train the more knowledge and strength I wanted to obtain. Participating in physical fitness and maintaining an active life style has given me the ability to handle both mental and physical stress for which I have grown accustomed to and my body has craved ever since. Why do I train? Same reason I learn. To be better than I was yesterday.

As your personal trainer, I can help you find your path to fitness. I have several certifications in addition to my BA in Kinesiology from the University of Michigan:

-VA Gerofit Program: helps aging Veterans maintain physical and mental health through individualized exercise plans.
-Coaching USAPL Powerlifters
-AHS football strength & conditioning
-training history of 13+ years
-6 years of service as a paratrooper and Army Ranger

Call the club at 989-356-5600 if you would like to meet with me and discuss your goals or area of improvement. I want to help you.