The Corporate Fit Challenge overhauls workplaces and transforms lives. This four week fitness and nutrition coaching program can work in any sized workplace. No on-site gym is needed. All fitness levels are welcome. It is not a Boot Camp, it is a fun wellness program. Our cutting-edge program includes: accountability, fun and teams. Participants are given a coach, a meal plan, an exercise prescription, teammates and optional group workouts. Workplaces are encouraged to invite friends and family to participate with them. The more, the merrier and the better the results. When you are surrounded by people who also value your health everyone wins.

The average participant loses 12 pounds and 10 inches, greatly increases their fitness level and reduces their stress level.

Since its creation in 2007, hundreds of local businesses have been transformed by the Corporate Fit Challenge:

  • After First Federal of Northern Michigan’s Corporate Fit Challenge pizzas went untouched in the breakroom and “what workout are you doing today” became a common question.
  • Decorative Panels Incorporated has completed eight successful Corporate Fit Challenges losing a total of 1,229.5 inches and 1,604.4 pounds!
  • Alpena Power Company actually had to start buying more water for their break room and stocking healthier snacks after their Corporate Fit Challenge.
  • The City of Alpena invited all employees and spouses to join a challenge, creating a group of nearly 100 people! They lost 551 inches and 670 pounds!

Why should your workplace do a Corporate Fit Challenge? Because it works. It lowers health care costs, saves money and increases productivity and employee satisfaction.

This program was created in Alpena but has now spread worldwide. From Los Angeles to Singapore to Montana to France, people are living better because of it.

Take the first step by connection with Corporate Fit Challenge director Kelly Lake at Invest in your health. Our four week program costs $95 for members and $125 for nonmembers and includes full access to the facility. All spouses that join get a $20 discount.