Do you have a passion for life?
Are you happy?
Do you live with joy?

Join our team today.

These questions really matter.  Many people in our community can now answer these questions with a “yes” because of the role Bay Athletic Club has played in their lives.

It’s true. Fitness inspires passion, happiness and joy.

How is that so? Fitness changes everything. When we feel better about ourselves, we treat others better. When we have more self-confidence, we give more. When we learn to love our bodies, we have less fear. When we feel stronger physically, we are tougher mentally. When we live with less pain, we live with more joy.

Years have passed since we first opened our doors in January 2006. The club has left an imprint on the community that is deeper than we could’ve dreamed. We have ignited a crusade–a crusade to end the trend of obesity and to unleash the power within people. Would you like to join us?