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Group Fitness is a big part of Bay Athletic Club and completely included in your membership.  There are no extra fees for more than 25 group fitness classes a week!  You will love group fitness for lots of reasons.

  1. You’ll get better results.
  2. You’ll have fun and meet new people.
  3. You’ll be guided through a workout led by a certified instructor.
  4. You’ll likely work harder than you may have on your own.
  5. You can let your brain relax as someone else tells you what to do.
  6. You’ll keep your workout routine fresh with tons of variety.

We achieve more in fitness when we surround ourselves with other like-minded people. When you commit to group classes you make an appointment for yourself and you are less likely to give into excuses and skip your workout.

Men and women alike love group fitness. It’s far from old-school aerobics, it’s group strength, flexibility and endurance training in a fun, motivating setting. Our classes are safe, fun, created for all fitness levels and taught by certified professionals. Formats range from Yoga to Body Blasting to Strength and Pilates.