Reality television has taken over primetime. People love watching the lives of others unfold and cheering for people who shed weight, change unhealthy habits and create happier, healthier lives. Bay Athletic Club gives Northeast Michigan viewers more of that with our unique “60 Second Inspiration” series that airs every Monday night on the WBKB 6pm newscast.

We feature people in our community who have transformed their life through fitness and nutrition. Many of the stories start with someone who participated in a Corporate Fit Challenge, Boot Camp or stepped foot inside BAC for the first time. People share their struggles with obesity, diabetes, depression, fighting cancer and quitting smoking. The stories are powerful, remarkable and memorable.

We produce these stories to inspire others to make that bold first step. Social proof helps move people to action, if they see others like themselves succeeding, they believe they can succeed. We spread the stories over nine counties in Northeast Michigan, giving people a bigger platform to share their success.

Over the past 10 years we featured well over 100 people and the transformations keep coming. We celebrate the stories of the previous year at our annual Fitness Inspired Gala.

We are always looking for our next inspiration story. Could it be you?
View archived stories at our YouTube page or our Before/After page on this site.

If you have someone you would like to nominate email