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Bay Athletic Club has changed the lives of thousands of people. Weight loss happens here with a laundry list of positive side effects like better relationships, getting off medications, clothes fitting better, more confidence and tons of energy to really love life! You’ll meet with a personal trainer to create a fitness plan you’ll fall in love with and will keep you coming back. On top of our world-class facility, there are also more than 50 group fitness classes a week. You’ll never get bored and you will be surrounded with support and joy. You deserve it. Click on the day pass to come meet us!

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Bay Athletic Club
Bay Athletic Club7 minutes ago
We'd like to give a friendly welcome to new members and returning members from the past two weeks! Give them a 👍 or your emoji of choice 🤗🤩🤣 as a HIGH FIVE for making a smart decision for their health!

All new and returning members meet with a trainer for a get started right appointment (included in your membership) that allows us to create a program designed for your needs, schedule and goals. We will show you what to do and get you connected. Stop in anytime to sign up for a membership or call 989.356.5600 today.
Bay Athletic Club
Bay Athletic Club1 day ago
It is the perfect time to share Brandy LaPine's "60 Second Inspiration" story again because she is extra stoked that our Body Beauty Boot Camp is back this month! It is one of her favorite programs and makes her feel her best. Brandy is filled with more and more life, energy and workout pants🤣because she has made her health a priority. Take a moment to watch her story and get inspired this Saturday morning!
Bay Athletic Club
Bay Athletic Club
Bay Athletic Club3 days ago
Congratulations to these two members who just hit 100th check-ins!

Griffin Sexton enjoys coming to the club in the mornings with his brother to lift. He's off to culinary school soon, but we are sure workouts will go with him.

Ruth Mosholder loves her group fitness classes and is always up for a challenge. For her, fitness helps her stay in great shape for her bigger passion of helping maintain and restore parts of the Appalachian Trail.

Thank you Griffon and Ruth for making your health a priority and inspiring others to do the same!
Bay Athletic Club
Bay Athletic Club is with Karli Myers.3 days ago
BAC Family! Guess what?
We have a new teammate to introduce to you this afternoon…
Karli Myers!

Karli joins us as a Fitness Assistant, beginning her official training next week. She is a great fit here, having been a gymnastics coach and athlete as well as a dedicated, outgoing and friendly young woman in our community.

A student at ACC, Karli describes herself as personable and organized. She loves fitness because it “keeps both the body and mind healthy.”

We are excited for her and all of us!

~Lara and the BAC Leadership Team
Bay Athletic Club
Bay Athletic Club3 days ago
Are you going to earn a "Fitness Doesn't Take the Summer Off" shirt this month? Our Membership Director Amanda Ervin Freeland is 😆....thanks for modeling this mock up of this year's shirts Amanda!

Group Ex Rocks is a fun, accountability challenge we offer to our members for FREE! The goal is to cross off all of the squares on your card, turn it in, then rock your shirt!

It is not too late to join. There are still 25 days in August!
Pick yours up at the front desk.
Bay Athletic Club
Bay Athletic Club4 days ago
In this week's DID YOU KNOW we are sharing more about Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer Samantha Kendziorski. Did you know any of these fun facts about Sam?

1. I love to ride my bike! Every year I ride 300 miles to raise money for Make-A-Wish.
2. I love hiking and exploring, especially in the U.P.
3. I was in an a cappella group while in undergrad at the University of Michigan.
4. I graduated from U of M dental school in 2014, which is where I met my husband Brent.
5. I have two adorable girls, Avery and Lila, and a rescue mutt.