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Bay Athletic Club has changed the lives of thousands of people. Weight loss happens here with a laundry list of positive side effects like better relationships, getting off medications, clothes fitting better, more confidence and tons of energy to really love life! You’ll meet with a personal trainer to create a fitness plan you’ll fall in love with and will keep you coming back. On top of our world-class facility, there are also more than 50 group fitness classes a week. You’ll never get bored and you will be surrounded with support and joy. You deserve it. Click on the day pass to come meet us!

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Bay Athletic Club
Bay Athletic Club5 hours ago
As part of our BAC Rewards program, members get a windbreaker when they hit 200 check-ins and Marge and Brenna have done it!

Marge Zajkowski enjoys coming to the club for the 9am class line up. She always meets her friends in the juice bar before class to catch up.

Brenna Decker rocks the 6am line up and loves meeting her friend Kalene for a workout before heading to work.

Congrats to you both!
We love that your health is a priority in your life!
Bay Athletic Club
Bay Athletic Club16 hours ago
"The freedom to run next to my kids."
That is what Jessica Stauffer said when she shared what freedom she has because she takes care of her health.

Good news Jessica, you won the drawing from our freedom board and there is a $25 gift card waiting for you at the front desk!
Bay Athletic Club
Bay Athletic Club2 days ago
The TRXs were full at Bay Urban Fitness tonight!
Look at these happy members ranging from high school athletes to parents to grandparents to military to doctors to students...fitness is for everyone!

BAC instructor Jerome Torres even invited two special guests from Estonia who are in Alpena to participate in Northern Strike at the CRTC.

A Bay Athletic Club membership includes the 50+ group fitness classes we offer each week between our location in the MidMichigan Medical Center-Alpena and Bay Urban Fitness in downtown Alpena.
Bay Athletic Club
Bay Athletic Club2 days ago
Plank - Push Ups - Knees In
That is what these 30 people in this morning's Body Blast class were doing when this picture was snapped.

We offer more than 50 group fitness classes each week at Bay Athletic Club and there is no extra charge, they are all included in your membership!

Stop in anytime for a tour!
Bay Athletic Club
Bay Athletic Club4 days ago
Liz Scribner is addicted to fitness...and that is a good thing! It's been a little over a year and she'll be the first to tell you, this is just her lifestyle now. There were a lot of bumps in the road, and there still will be as life unfolds, but Liz knows fitness helps her handle it all better.

Take a moment this Saturday morning to be inspired by this woman's story!
Bay Athletic Club
Bay Athletic Club
Bay Athletic Club5 days ago
Brenda Stanton wanted to take charge of her health and fitness so she got started at Bay Athletic Club. As part of her membership she was able to meet with a trainer to help create an action plan. Personal Trainer Amy Schultz was excited to give Brenda some guidance.

It worked! At their last check in Brenda was down 4 pounds and 4 inches and had made it to the club 20 times! The momentum is building and we know you have more results to come. Congrats Brenda!

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