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Bay Athletic Club has changed the lives of thousands of people. Weight loss happens here with a laundry list of positive side effects like better relationships, getting off medications, clothes fitting better, more confidence and tons of energy to really love life! You’ll meet with a personal trainer to create a fitness plan you’ll fall in love with and will keep you coming back. On top of our world-class facility, there are also more than 50 group fitness classes a week. You’ll never get bored and you will be surrounded with support and joy. You deserve it. Click on the day pass to come meet us!

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Bay Athletic Club
Bay Athletic Club23 hours ago
Mike and Judy Sumeracki have made fitness a way of life and it has paid off as they enter retirement. Take a moment to be inspired by their commitment and stories. And remember, it is never too late to benefit from a fit life. Take action today. Adventure awaits you too!
Bay Athletic Club
Bay Athletic Club
Bay Athletic Club2 days ago
Mike & Judy Sumeracki have made living fit a part of their life for years. Now, newly retired, they are not slowing down. They are motivated to spend their retirement without limitations and up for any adventure. We are excited to share more of their story tonight in our "60 Second Inspiration" story that will air during the WBKB 6pm news.
Bay Athletic Club
Bay Athletic Club is with Andrea Nino Linton.2 days ago

Andrea Linton: A wife, mother, high school PE teacher, fitness fanatic and NOW...adding to her impressive resume...is Bay Athletic Club Fitness Assistant!

Andrea has been a member, friend and raving fan of BAC for many years. She has worn many hats over these years and has conquered big things...the thing that has been constant, never yielding, is her fitness. Andrea loves BAC classes with friends and family. I think we've seen her in every one!

You will see Andrea beginning to train at our Welcome Desk this week. Please stop and join me in wishing her a warm BAC Family WELCOME!

<3 Lara and The BAC Leadership Team
Bay Athletic Club
Bay Athletic Club2 days ago
Congrats to our latest BAC Rewards recipients!
Helen Somers has been coming to group exercise classes as much as she can and earned her "BAC Feels Like Home" t-shirt for getting at least 20 check-ins during her first two months.

Jan Stepanski hit her 100th check-in! She enjoys using the gym to break up her work day.

Way to go Helen and Jan!
Thank you for making your health a priority.
Bay Athletic Club
Bay Athletic Club3 days ago
We'd like to give a friendly welcome to new members and returning members from the past two weeks! Give them a 👍 or your emoji of choice 🤗🤩🤣 as a HIGH FIVE for making a smart decision for their health!

All new and returning members meet with a trainer for a get started right appointment (included in your membership) that allows us to create a program designed for your needs, schedule and goals. We will show you what to do and get you connected. Full weight room, open seven days a week, large variety of group fitness options both live and virtual classes all included. Stop in anytime to sign up for a membership or call 989.356.5600 today.
Bay Athletic Club
Bay Athletic Club4 days ago
We first featured this busy, working, baseball mom a year ago and she is still going strong. Fitness goes where she goes and fuels her busy, fun life. Take a moment to be inspired this Saturday by Tammy Spomer's awesome story!
Bay Athletic Club