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Bay Athletic Club has changed the lives of thousands of people. Weight loss happens here with a laundry list of positive side effects like better relationships, getting off medications, clothes fitting better, more confidence and tons of energy to really love life! You’ll meet with a personal trainer to create a fitness plan you’ll fall in love with and will keep you coming back. On top of our world-class facility, there are also more than 25 group fitness classes a week, live and virtual. You’ll never get bored and you will be surrounded with support and joy. You deserve it. Click on the day pass to come meet us!

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Bay Athletic Club
Bay Athletic Club2 days ago
It's time for another shout out BAC'ers!
These three have worked hard to earn these rewards.

Abby Collins earned 20 check-ins within her first two months at BAC. She earned a BAC Feels Like Home word cloud t-shirt!

Madi Speaks rocks her fitness several times each week. She reached 100 check-ins and earned an insulated lunch cooler!

Isaac Kelly also earned 20 check-ins within his first two months here at BAC. He earned his Feels Like Home t-shirt too!

Congratulations to each of these BAC members for working hard to earn these fun rewards!

Can you help us celebrate them today by giving them a thumbs up or a shout out below?
Bay Athletic Club
Bay Athletic Club3 days ago
Does anyone else struggle with packing healthier lunches?

Grabbing the convenient foods can add extra calories, sodium, unhealthy fats and fatigue to your day.

Try this instead of the drive-thru:
-Use extra leftovers to make your lunch
-Prep several salad bases and add different proteins throughout the week
-Make snackable baggies of veggies, fruits, nuts/seeds, grain crackers/cheese, turkey lunch meat etc.
-Have a shake with raw veggies and hummus

Lunch carries you through most of your day.
Make sure it’s quality fuel so you feel great for your evening and your workout 😉

What is your healthy go-to lunch?
Bay Athletic Club
Bay Athletic Club is with Erin Andrews.4 days ago
Erin Andrews started as a temporary member at Bay Athletic Club a few years ago, when her friend Tracie invited her to be a guest over Spring Break. She loved group fitness classes and found success as a busy working mom of three. She also improved her nutrition and lost 50 lbs over the course of a year.

These days she gives more energy, more fun and more adventure to her kids. Today, she was playing wiffle ball in the driveway. They used sidewalk chalk to make the bases and just had a ball 😉 Her kids see a healthier version and she does too.

Erin just accomplished a huge goal of earning her certified personal trainer certificate so she can pay this forward, to other former athletes, busy parents and others who have lost their way and want to find it back. She'll be starting to lead group fitness classes, meet with new members for their first appointments and more.

Congrats, Erin Andrews. Team BAC is proud of you!
Bay Athletic Club
Bay Athletic Club5 days ago
We love this!!!

The club is looking pretty fantastic with the addition of some fun new furniture.

Members have been loving being able to sit and relax, socialize with friends and catch up on drinking their water after a workout in this beautiful lounge area.

We are so glad to be welcoming members of the community back to their healthy routines this summer.
We want to see you here.

BAC is open 7 days a week and we offer complimentary appointments to all returning members to set goals and create a plan of success to reach those goals.

Haven’t been in a while?
Now is the perfect time to jump back into your routine or to take that first step towards a healthier lifestyle.
Call 356-5600 for more information on memberships or email amanda@bayathleticclub.com.
Bay Athletic Club
Bay Athletic Club1 week ago
If you knew there was something you could do to...
-Decrease your dependency on medications throughout your lifetime
-Lower your risk of heart disease, cancer and diabetes
-Have fewer headaches, less stress and more energy
-Have clearer skin, healthier teeth and healthier hair and nails

...would you give it a try?
Let me tell you the secret.
There is NO secret!
It's a healthy lifestyle and healthy eating habits.
What can you do to start making changes today?
-More plain water throughout the day
-More veggies throughout the day
-More quality protein
-Fewer packaged sweets/fewer treats throughout the week
-Become more mindful of when you are actually hungry or if you are eating out of boredom

Each choice you make to eat healthy or not really does compound one way or the other bringing you either closer to or further from your healthiest self.
What is one thing you are going to do today to fuel yourself from the inside out?

P.S. Amanda is such a huge fan of goat cheese! Are you?
P.S.S. Did you know that BAC offers nutrition personal training sessions with certified nutrition coach Amanda Freeland? Call 356-5600 or email amanda@bayathleticclub.com for more information today.
Bay Athletic Club
Bay Athletic Club2 weeks ago
There are so many ways to get and stay fit.
Something different works for everyone, but what is true for everyone is that movement fuels more movement in life.
These VIP Box participants agree.
Having two workouts a week to be accountable to has helped keep many of them on track.
We have had a full roster in our boxing program for months now and members continue signing up for a reason!
It's a great workout.
The sweat you earn is awesome.
The moves are fun and no two classes are alike.
Great music, great energy and a fun vibe downtown at Bay Urban.

Have you tried one of our specialty VIP programs or classes at Bay Urban recently?
We are currently offering both VIP Box and VIP ride programs, Urban Mix, Urban Ride and TRX.
Call 356-5600 or email Jennie@bayathleticclub.com for more information today.