Turning Point is a 6 week program designed to slowly help facilitate weight loss to improve the quality of your life. This program consists of guided nutrition, goal setting, individualized fitness support and optional small group training sessions.

Success Story:

When Jennifer Barnhill (top right) began our Turning Point program, she mentioned never recalling a time that she has actually felt great about herself. Confidence was always a struggle. Jen jumped right in and has taken on more consistent workouts + really started focusing on her food choices and portions. She is most proud of her consistency with her nutrition and is down 29 pounds and 22 inches. Jen also noted that she has found a lot of value in the small group training sessions that are included in the program–“the variety of workouts always keeps things exciting and the instructor (Sarah) always offers modifications for people who may have restrictions or limited mobility.”
This six week program is designed to help people who are looking to lose more than 25lbs, who have had a doctor recommendation for weight loss, for people who are preparing for a surgery or for those who want to improve the quality of their life or reduce medications.
*Cost is $20 a week for members and $30 a week for non-members.
*6 weeks. We kick off on Sunday, January 15th.
*Individualized nutrition goal setting and coaching
*Small group training sessions exclusive to Turning Point participants
*Access to BAC facilities and group classes
If you or someone you know may be interested in Turning Point, please fill out the application: https://forms.gle/oDSxHh6Lf26JBoSV7
Success Story:

Marion Kieliszewski (bottom right) has lost 27lbs through Turning Point. She says she is most proud kicking daily fast food and soda to the curb. She is more confident in making healthier choices in social settings because of how much better she is feeling! A big part of her success has been the food journal that was provided; she is continuing to use it to stay on track. Not to mention….Her husband Mike has also lost 12lbs as a byproduct of her eating healthier too.

Another BIG part of Marion’s journey that’s worth noting, is that she has saved $1,800 since August 2022 by not eating out as much. When she and Coach Amanda first met, Amanda asked Marion to put a portion of the money she would usually spend on take-out and fast food in a jar…she did just that, and used it to complete ALL of her Christmas shopping. How AMAZING is that?! Success always goes beyond the scale.

The next Turning Point program kicks off January 15, 2023.
If you would like to be in the next one call 989.356.5600 or fill out this form: https://forms.gle/oDSxHh6Lf26JBoSV7