Tracie Granata
Group Fitness Instructor & Personal Trainer

Two words to describe me: Fun and Caring

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”.  -Confucius

I love fitness because fitness changes everything. It makes you happier. It makes you healthier. It makes you more positive. It makes you more productive. It just helps you in all areas of life when you feel better about yourself. And when you feel good, so does everything and everyone around you.

Fitness has always been in my DNA (runner, dancer, swimmer and softball player), but it didn’t start there. I graduated with my Doctorate in Physical Therapy but realized I wanted to be on the prevention side of someones health and chose a different path working at BAC in fitness. I started working at the front desk part time while doing an internship in Alpena and loved how much fitness was impacting the lives in my community. I wanted to be a part of that. After graduation, I never left. I stayed at BAC and have loved inspiring the lives of others in the community ever since.

I’ve had many roles at BAC over the years from General Manager, to Group Ex Director, and now to a Group Ex Instructor and Trainer. As my roles have evolved in my 11 years at the club, I look back and think that everyday I have the opportunity to be a small part of such a positive component in people’s day. And that feels good!

I am certified in PiYo LIVE, Insanity LIVE, Turbo LIVE and am a Team Beachbody Coach.

When I am not teaching group fitness, I really enjoy running, biking, swimming, traveling the country, being adventurous, and making memories with my husband Eric and my two boys, Myles and Beckett.