Sarah Morrison
Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor

Two words to describe me: Authentic and Intentional

“Wherever you are be all there.”

I love fitness because it changed the course of my life.
I was on a competitive dance team growing up. That was my fitness without me ever realizing. After that ended I felt a hole in my life and started to fill it with running and group fitness classes.

I was working in broadcasting when I first became a member at Bay Athletic Club. My work involved deadlines, long days, negative news and unhealthy habits. A few life events led to me taking a part-time position as a fitness assistant at Bay Athletic Club so I could stay in the area. Before I knew it I was getting my TurboKick certification and the rest is history. I teach many formats today.

I also have a huge passion for running! I generally fill up my calendar with runs that also bring a side of adventure. My greatest distance is a half marathon, my coolest run was a snowshoe 10K and I also have checked off my Tough Mudder box….as most adventure loving runners would.

When I’m not running, teaching or marketing I love being with my husband and two kids.
We have a passion for camping and family adventures.
I am also a two time elite Beachbody coach. This means I have helped a lot of people all around the world make fitness a bigger part of their life.