Nicki Janish
Group Exercise Instructor and Personal Trainer

Two words to describe me: Easy going and Adventurous 

“Don’t sweat the small stuff. ”

I love fitness because it keeps me strong, active and able to do all the outdoor things I love. Speaking of the great outdoors, I love to backpack, hike, mountain bike, travel, scuba dive and when I feel like being quiet, puzzles (but I usually do those inside). I currently teach TRX and have been a certified personal trainer since 2011.

I’m a former athlete who got away from an active lifestyle, put on some unwanted pounds and roller-coasted through a decade or more trying to figure it out. I found fitness again in my mid-thirties. I lost the weight. I got active and found it was something I craved. By the time I turned forty, I discovered a desire and talent to share my love of fitness with others. I began teaching at Bay Athletic Club in 2011, teaching just about any format that would have me. I took a few years off from teaching recently and stayed active in lots of other ways beyond the studio, but teaching and members is what I’ve missed the most. I am thrilled to be back!