Meag Schwartz
Group Fitness Instructor 

Two words to describe me: Sojourner and Dendrophile

“With freedom, books, flowers and the moon, who could not be happy?” -Oscar Wilde

I love fitness because I am able to do more in my life because of fitness. I can run faster, push harder, go longer. I have more energy, more focus and more enthusiasm for life. Fitness is the best medicine.

I came to love fitness through group exercise and boot camps. The camaraderie of accomplishing a workout next to someone hooked me. Now I enjoy lifting and running on my own.

I love being a Yoga Instructor at BAC. It is a full mind, body, soul experience. Not only can you get in a good stretch and physical release, the mental release offers clarity and peace.

Fitness certifications/experience: YogaFit certified, Yoga Instructor

Most of my hobbies include taking fitness outside! Hiking, mountain biking, skiing, taking photos, listening to podcasts, craft beer enthusiast, reading and yoga.