Lindsey Bartz
Director of Group Fitness

Two words to describe me: Creative and Diligent

“You will be exactly as happy as you decide to be.”

I love fitness because it’s a hobby turned into a career! Fitness has given me so much confidence, happiness, and friendships.

I played basketball and volleyball growing up and ran track. I didn’t get into “fitness” outside of a sport until college when I took up running (I’ve done a couple of half-marathons). I eventually started lifting with some bodybuilding-style training, tried out some Crossfit, but fell in love with lifting heavy! I played rugby in college and beach volleyball. I still love to play and coach volleyball!

I wear a few hats at BAC, but fitness is my jam! I am the Director of Group Exercise, which entails a ton of awesome things such as mentoring new trainers, creating the monthly schedule, and keeping classes full! I also teach bootcamps and classes, I work as a personal trainer, and I’m a fitness assistant at the front desk. I LOVE how I feel after a great training session, bootcamp, or class when members leave challenged and happy. It’s so fun to be the positive part of people’s day and share my love of fitness with others! getting

Fitness certifications/experience: NASM Personal Trainer, TRX, working on my M.S. Nutrition degree!

Some of my hobbies besides fitness include studying for my Master’s Degree takes up a good chunk of time, but I also love coaching volleyball, playing volleyball, reading, and home renovations/DIY creative projects!