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Bay Athletic Club has changed the lives of thousands of people. Weight loss happens here with a laundry list of positive side effects like better relationships, getting off medications, clothes fitting better, more confidence and tons of energy to really love life! You’ll meet with a personal trainer to create a fitness plan you’ll fall in love with and will keep you coming back. On top of our world-class facility, there are also more than 50 group fitness classes a week. You’ll never get bored and you will be surrounded with support and joy. You deserve it. Click on the day pass to come meet us!

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Bay Athletic Club
Bay Athletic Club16 hours ago
Let's talk about some POSITIVE outcomes from the pandemic. We say that lightly, knowing that people are sick and it's no joking matter. But can we find some silver linings?

Maybe you're spending more time with loved ones, maybe you're rushing less and breathing more, maybe you're more focused on your health, maybe you've taken your dogs on more walks or read more books. Maybe you're kids are learning to learn in new ways and even coloring more or playing outside more.

At BAC, one positive outcome has been the addition of VIRTUAL group fitness. We have our entire group ex line up available at home, from a private zoom line. This is here to stay. Even when classes are live again. We love it and we know you do too. We keep working on the experience. We invested in a laptop, better camera, a new mic, a huge big screen to see you on, and just got sound panels installed in the studio. But logistics aside, we just love seeing you healthy and happy. Our instructors are having fun. We hope you are, too!

PS - Want to get started or come back to BAC? One simple membership works for live workouts at BAC and virtual classes at home! Call 989-356-5600 today to set it up, or stop in! Oh and all of Decmeber is free! Did we mention that? Offer ends Nov 30th.
Bay Athletic Club
Bay Athletic Club2 days ago
All new annual members will get December free.
Get results. Save money. Have fun. 💪😄

This is the first time we've done this fun holiday promotion and we're excited for you! You get access to BAC 7 days per week, over 25 group classes per week VIRTUAL (and live again soon!). We are clean, safe, friendly and ready to help YOU live better! As an annual member, you commit to your fitness year round, you save money and you get long lasting results.

We want our current members to know how much we value and appreciate you, too. You can use this add a family member on or invite a friend to be a workout buddy!

Finish 2020 strong. Start now.

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Come up to BAC this week, or call 989-356-5600.
Bay Athletic Club
Bay Athletic Club3 days ago
Stop in to pick up a 30-serving bag or a combo box of Shakeology and pick out ANY PIECE of BAC logowear! Lots of hoodies in stock! Just pay regular retail price, no autoship, no shipping. Simple, easy! Walk out with a healthy meal AND some new workout gear!

With the traffic at the club shifting a lot to virtual and not as many camps, we have a surplus of Shakeology that can help YOU get through the holidays better! You can help keep your energy up and your cravings low this holiday season with Shakeology.

Shakeology can be ONE important part of your healthy nutrition plan. We want you to eat colorful, healthy balanced meals. We know it's hard. Shakeology can help one meal per day be 100 percent spot on! Blend with your favorite ingredients -- from almond milk to frozen fruit to nut butters. There are so many great ways to blend it up.

Shakeology is packed with nutrients, vitamins, minerals, protein, probiotics, probiotics, digestive enzymes and adaptogens. These are important nutrients to keep the body healthy.

Bay Athletic Club
Bay Athletic Club7 days ago
Congrats to Amy Brookmyer and Ann Timmreck, our weekly Studio EX Challenge winners!

All month the Studio EX Challenge is happening and we'll have winners weekly. Want more details....check them out below.
AND BTW--it is not too late to jump in!
We love offering these perks to our members.
You can join Bay Athletic Club today, just stop in to sign up!

♦️Pick up your FREE challenge card in the studio. ♦️Drop your name in a drawing just for entering!
♦️SIMPLE MONTHLY GOAL: 20 BAC group ex classes (live or virtual) and 20 days of good hydration.
♦️Get great results, accountability and a chance to win this exclusive Studio Ex track jacket!
♦️We are celebrating our updated group exercise studio by introducing this free and fun accountability challenge in November.
♦️Complete the challenge for a chance to win an exclusive Studio Ex Jacket!
♦️Simply rate your fitness, nutrition, energy/happiness on November 1 and again on November 30. Also track your workouts and water and turn in your completed challenge card with a testimonial about your month.
♦️Email Courtney@BayAthleticClub.com or call 989.356.5600
♦️Cards available for pick up in the studio NOW!
Bay Athletic Club
Bay Athletic Club7 days ago
No matter what happens in this year of change, you can make sure your workouts still happen at Bay Athletic Club. Our upstairs is open for your own workout while wearing a mask. And our group exercise classes are all being offered virtually.

These classes are not only a great way to stay health and moving, but also to connect. During a class earlier this week participants were sharing their goals with each other.

If you are a member, make sure you are part of the BAC Campground private Facebook group. The link to the virtual workouts is in there.

If you are not a member, simply fill out this form and get a BAC Virtual Studio Membership for just $45!
Bay Athletic Club
Bay Athletic Club1 week ago
Announcing an exciting promotion that starts RIGHT NOW.
Get December free when you sign up for a new annual membership!

In this video Membership Director Amanda Freeland and Communications Director Sarah Morrison talk about what workouts are currently like, tips on working out in a mask and the fun benefits of building a habit about fitness. Bay Athletic Club is not going anywhere.
This promotion runs through November 30th.

Call 989.356.5600 or email Amanda@BayAthleticClub.com or just stop in to get signed up.

If you are already an annual member THANK YOU and please tell your friends.
Bay Athletic Club