The 30 Day Transformation Challenge takes the most fun and effective parts of our signature programs and packages them into one, month long journey that changes participants minds and bodies.  We encourage each person to set a goal and CRUSH IT during the month of April. It is the perfect time of year to gain some traction and results.

What can you expect from The 30 Day Transformation Challenge?
-something fit and fun to plug into every day
-food guide, grocery store tour, cooking demos and nutrition tips
-lots of workouts spread across popular timeslots
-excursions like hikes at Norway Ridge, scavenger hunts, etc
-camaraderie from fellow challengers
-fitness testing
-weight and measurements
-recognition medal and gifts to our participants with the biggest results

The 30 Day Transformation Challenge happens each April.
If you would like to be in the next one call 989.356.5600 or email